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Chiropractic Care

Since 1998, Drs. Tom and Yolonda Zink have made it their mission to educate and adjust chiropractic practice members of all ages, helping their bodies heal naturally and without harsh prescription medication or invasive surgeries.

Working in harmony with your nervous system, Dr. Tom and Dr. Yolonda use spinal adjustments to remove the subluxations or misalignments in our spine that can occur as soon as birth. These subluxations prevent our bodies from functioning at their optimal level by keeping information from flowing freely from the brain to the nervous system.

When that occurs, you may have symptoms manifest as pain or discomfort in your neck, back, and extremities, or you might find yourself getting sick frequently, struggling with anxiety or depression, or experiencing fatigue and general malaise.

Offering Solutions for the Whole Family

When you arrive for your first appointment, either Dr. Tom or Dr. Yolonda will take you or your child through a thorough health history, starting from birth and working forward. They’ll help you with the physical, chemical and emotional stressors that may affect you and create the pattern of misalignments causing your symptoms.

From there, they’ll determine the best techniques to help your body heal and correct those subluxation patterns for optimal health and wellness, and a comprehensive chiropractic care plan will be put in place for you. If X-rays are necessary, they will also be taken in the office.

The chiropractic team will also check postural alignment and surface electromyography as part of your care plan. You’ll be able to see the structural improvement beyond just the reduction of your pain and symptoms, as well as the improvement in your muscle tension and nervous system function.

Effective Care Plans, Structured for Your Needs

Adjustments help your body increase its function and your life’s vitality, and who doesn’t want to feel their absolute best each day? It’s a route toward improved wellness that the Zink family follows themselves; they’ve been adjusted for most of their lives and had their children adjusted from birth on.

In addition to helping practice members who suffer from neck pain, headaches, or back pain like sciatica, they also offer chiropractic solutions for those looking to holistically improve their health and wellness. Their care plans are also a great path forward for those who want to give their pregnancies and birth experiences a positive boost, and they welcome children of all ages.

Offering an Array of Techniques & Modalities

Dr. Tom and Dr. Yolonda use several different chiropractic methods for adjusting their practice members and various related modalities and treatments. They include:

  • Diversified
  • Thompson
  • Gonstead
  • Webster
  • Activator®
  • Impulse®
  • Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)
  • Chiropractic BioPhysics®
  • Erchonia® Laser Technology
  • Traction and therapeutic exercises
  • Help for postural deviations

With many years of experience, our chiropractors are well-versed in working one-on-one with practice members to find the best adjustment style for them and their comfort level.

Embrace a Better Path Toward Health

Improving your health and wellness is as simple as visiting our chiropractic office. We can’t wait to help you enjoy all the things in life you used to love to do. Contact us today to get started!

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