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Reviews for Zink Chiropractic

  • Great experience and customer service.
    -Shannon H.
  • Nothing at all, the visit was great and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.
    -Angelique Y.
  • Enjoyed and felt comfortable with my first visit.
    -Isabella H.
  • Unbelievable! Pain was gone in my hip when I got into my car from 1st visit. I feel better all over. Waiting for second visit.

    -Jimmy C.
  • The adjustments always work for me. Been using Dr. Zink for over 5 years.
    -Cheryl F.
  • I’m looking forward to more visits and getting the help I need with my back & neck pain . I’m confident that Dr.Zink & his office can help me with my pain.
    -Alicia P.
  • Love everyone at Zink. I always feel wonderful after each visit!
    -Joan F.
  • Thanks for a great first visit. I’m so excited about the benefits of becoming a regular client!
    -Penni J.
  • Doctor Thomas Zink loves his work and it showed during my visit.
    -Mary P.
    -Gilda T.
  • I wish I had found Zink years ago.
    -Dawn K.
  • Treated me like family friendly staff explained every thing. Great experience.
    -Blake M.
  • Happy to see results already!
    -Anna C.
  • Great job. After my first initial visit, I felt major relief with my knee. Good job!
    -Necoal D.
  • Wonderful visit! Very high energized staff and trustworthy doctor!
    -Ashley J.
  • I will definitely be a regular.
    -Timothy W.
  • My favorite family business! The best chiropractic care.
    -Jennifer T.
  • The whole staff was amazing! Super friendly and very helpful.
    -Hillary J.
  • “Fabulous staff! They were so sweet and worked with my availability to fit me in last minute, I’m very grateful!”
  • Great office staff and excellent atmosphere.
    -Chris G.
  • I really liked the atmosphere!! The staff was amazing.
    -Meleia S.
  • Hoping I get the pain relief I desire! I think the team is on the right track.
    -Sharon V.
  • Keep up the good work!
    -Roderick A.
  • Outstanding visit and I was seen quicker than I expected.
    -Antonio P.
  • Enjoyed my first visit! After my first adjustment my back felt much better and I slept like a baby!
    -Josenca S.

The Treatment Significantly Reduced My Pain

I was a walk-in suffering from extreme lower back and leg pain and the doctor and staff worked me in to be seen right away. The friendly staff completed the preliminaries quickly and professionally and I was able to get treatment that significantly reduced my pain.
-Douglas A.

I Felt Immediate Improvement

I am VERY impressed right out of the gate. I have seen another chiropractor for years - a very nice and caring person, who has been fine for regular - maybe every 4-6 week adjustments. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the techniques used in my current situation have just not worked. So, I tried you. I presume, as far out of whack as I felt, and as the x-rays showed, that even with your techniques, this will take at least a few visits to get corrected. Still, I felt IMMEDIATE improvement after just one adjustment yesterday. It now feels, finally, that my right hip and lower back are much closer to being in the correct position. Thus, I have strong optimism I will be able to get pain-free in the near future. Thank you! I will definitely be returning as a regular customer. I'm very happy to have found you, and that you're still taking new patients.
-Matt S.

Help and Hope

Outstanding customer service and highly devoted listening skills, thereby producing on point diagnosis, which produces an encouraging and hopeful prognosis. Thank You for Help and Hope
-James R.

Feeling Optimistic About Wellness Journey

I'm very thankful and grateful for the patience and kindness shown to me (and my kiddos!) on my first EVER chiropractic visit. I was very nervous, but hopeful, and I feel that all of my concerns were heard. I'm feeling very optimistic about this new wellness journey!
-Kristen B.

I Cannot Wait to Experience More

I haven't had nothing but one migraine since my back adjustment. I cannot wait to experience more of what these services offer.
-Mishay W.


I feel amazing! I know I'm not completely healed, but I feel so much
better. Thank you.
-Kathy F.

Look Forward To Care

Dr Zink took time listening to my questions, then explained in detail about the treatment. I look forward to feeling better, with the help of Dr Zink.
-Donald V.

Great Experience

The atmosphere of the office, the doctors and the staff are very warm. I was a little apprehensive about my 1st visit but it went far better than expected - a GREAT experience! Can not wait to return. Thanks to Dr's. Zink and staff!
-Leona L.

Helpful And Polite

I really appreciate how Dr. Tom seemed concerned on how I felt and addressed my pain issues and concerns. I also appreciate how he jokes and cuts up with you. Makes you feel more than just a patient. The staff is always smiling and very helpful and polite.
-Julie P.

Definitely Recommend

Love the commitment to educating their patients on chiropractic work. I have learned so much helpful information about my body and the science itself. The staff and doctors were so accommodating to my 3 little children that had to tag along. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is even just thinking about getting adjusted.
-Johanna S.

True Believer

Great experience. I am a true believer in the benefits chiropractic care can provide. I recently moved to the Montgomery area and sought out a new chiropractor via a web search and decided on Dr. Zink. I am glad I did. The staff is always kind, courteous and helpful. I am usually in and out quickly.
-Neal F.

Great Experience

It was a great first visit and I look forward to finally getting some relief from present injuries and injuries from my past! I finally got a good night's sleep!
-Kris H.

Better Experience Than I Expected

This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor and it was a better experience than I would have thought. Couldn't have asked for a more professional office and I was very happy with the outcome. Thanks!
-Drew T.

Very Pleased

I am very pleased with this practice. In four visits, my daughter's chronic headaches have ceased. She is able to run again, and is looking forward to learning more about how to reach her goal of good health. Thank you, Dr. Tom! -Stacy B.

Felt Better After First Visit

Melissa M.Dr. Tom is charismatic and fun, as well as being very good at what he does. I felt better after the first visit! -Melissa M.

Feeling Better

I already feel better and am thoroughly pleased with the extra details that you offer that were not available at other places I've visited. Specifically, the monthly wellness seminars, massage therapy and nutritional information. I look forward to improving my health and wellness with your guidance. -Sandi W.