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Family Chiropractic at Zink Chiropractic

From moms-to-be to new babies, toddlers to school-aged kids and well beyond, family members of all ages and stages can benefit from the care that Drs. Tom and Yolonda provide. We want to help you and every family member live with vitality and optimal health and wellness.

Generations of families have now trusted Zink Chiropractic for their chiropractic care. When you begin receiving adjustments from the highly skilled husband-wife duo, you aren’t treated like a number—you’re a family member.

Benefits for Pregnancies and Labor

Chiropractic is safe for women before pregnancy, during your pregnancy, and as soon as you are ready for an adjustment afterward. Often, pregnancy can exacerbate misalignments and other structural issues that already exist along your spine. Instead of taking over-the-counter pain relievers or other medications, this is a more holistic way to alleviate pain and discomfort.

During pregnancy your body is changing so rapidly, and your hormones are causing a lot of laxity in your joints. You become unable to hold proper alignment, so getting adjusted can be a great help. There are also benefits for better deliveries. Studies show that women who get adjusted during pregnancy have easier labor and faster labors.

When you visit Drs. Tom and Yolonda for care, the frequency of your visits will depend on your current condition and how your body holds alignments in between adjustments. Your care plan will be tailored to your needs and comfort level, using the Webster Technique and approach to chiropractic.

They also help you by suggesting postural positions and changes you can make in your day-to-day life to be more comfortable, as well as supplements to facilitate an easier and more enjoyable birth.

Help for Pediatric Conditions

Dr. Tom and Dr. Yolonda truly love all of their practice members, but helping children has a special place in their hearts because of the impact chiropractic could have had on their young lives.

Both experienced sicknesses and illnesses, as well as overmedication, and wish they would have had access to natural healing through chiropractic. They don’t want one more child to have to endure what they did.

Through consistent adjustments, your child may experience an improved immune response, sleep better at night, and have less bedwetting, constipation, ear infections, and colic. They may also be able to sit more comfortably in a classroom, improve their sports performance, and prevent curvature of the spine from carrying backpacks that are too heavy for their young bodies.

Your Child’s First Appointment

The chiropractor seeing your child will take you back through your child’s health history and current issues they may be facing to get an accurate idea of what could be causing misalignments in their bodies. They’ll also perform an exam.

We ensure the child is as comfortable as possible to receive their adjustment, whatever that means for their particular disposition. If the child is comfortable being adjusted on the table by themselves, then we conduct it that way. If they want to stay close to their mom or dad, the chiropractor may have the parent hold the child during the adjustment.

Providing Hope to Families Through Chiropractic

While Drs. Tom and Yolonda have seen amazing benefits to their young patient, Dr. Tom, in particular, has seen near miraculous results from chiropractic. A patient he once treated, who had severe autism, responded quite well to adjustment therapies after nothing else worked. He became verbal, and it changed his life path.

No matter your child’s history, we want to provide hope through chiropractic to your child and the entire family. Contact us to schedule an appointment to give your child a hopeful tomorrow!


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